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entrance ways

Add the wow factor to your home by making a great entrance. Lead light can create an immediate impact in your entrance way . They can be striking black lead on glass,beautiful glass beveling , highlighted with color to complement your house.

Lead lights can enhance any style of home from a Victorian villa to a contemporary penthouse suite. They are the perfect finishing touch to your home.

There’s nothing we can’t do. Designs are very individual some clients enjoy a simpe abstract look while, others prefer detailed intricate works that may stretch across two or three windows.”

Lead light windows

  • Can be double glazed
  • Are made from safety glass
  • Can feature simple designs or wildly colorful ones

Come into our showrooms at 1/66 ottawa rd wainoni christchurch to look through our design books and the samples on display. We can also help you create your own personal design that will be unique to you.